There are several tips we need to abide by when making a video call/meeting with our colleagues and these are 20 hot ones been given below.

  1. Stay in the center of the screen. Your face shouldn’t be too high or too low
  2. The camera should be on a face-level and should maintain a dist of 30inches or arm distance
  3. The light should be in front of you not behind you.
  4. When using a smartphone for a video call, make sure it is on land-scale position and not on portrait
  5. Your background should be properly clean or minimalistic if possible use your company background with logo on it.
  6. Try to make sure nobody is moving behind you during the video presentation
  7. Keep the camera on, it is considered indecent to keep the camera off
  8. Keep the mike on mute when you are not speaking
  9. Rename and make sure your company name appear
  10. Try been still, do not move a lot and don’t fidget
  11. Eating is not considered decent, however, sipping a cup of coffee or tea is fine
  12. When you have to speak, speak in a normal tone, do not shout
  13. Always be on time like 5minutes earlier before the video meeting
  14. Dress smart and appropriately, you might want to stand
  15. When you are done speaking, let the team know, “I’m done thank you”
  16. Stick to the time limit, never exceed it
  17. Always have a pen and a note to jot down important points in the meeting
  18. Make sure your battery power, mike, speaker, internet connection and camera are all have been running
  19. Be attentive, focused and avoid multi-tasking
  20. If you have to speak, prepare, practice your presentation or script, most importantly be yourself and smile.